Love is something which is as precious as air for breathing. 
The first time I fell in love,
It seemed like a blissful, wonderful dream.
It started off as a causal fling,
We joked, we laughed, and we took long walks in the moonlight.
As time went by, feelings intensified,
I began to love you, more than myself 
You told me you loved me a lot,
We started spending our day together.
Our love felt to me like a blossoming rose in spring.
Days turned to weeks,
Weeks turned to months,
A small misunderstanding caused a serious fight.
We fought, throwing stinging 
Words at each other like sharp knives,
We separated,
I was heartbroken,
I cried and cried,
Felt like that blissful, wonderful dream is just cut off,
Wished that dream could start off again….
Days, weeks, months passed,
One day, one beautiful evening u can say,
You came and told me that you love me still,
I was shocked; I paused for a minute,
And replied I LOVE YOU TOO…
The dream started off again 
It felt like I was in the heaven…
God bless us both…
 — Sshruti


Sweet,caring,cheerful and friendly,
Relative of Harsh Gundecha,
I stay in hadapsar, pune
I read newspapers and books like
Twillight series, Revolution 2020, Pune Mirror,etc
And love to  listening music, dancing and going for wildlife camps,
I fear heights,
I wish I get a dog on my B’day,
I admire my dad,
I need my laptop,friends all time,
And aspire to be an architect,
–Shruti Gundecha