I Was Elated And Excited

I was elated and excited
When expected things turned unexpected,
It started out easy and enchanting…
I had a euphoric feeling and our relationships,
Was extraordinary…
You’re engaging and enjoying talks I get totally
Your enthralling, eye-catching looks
Get me excited
I was elated and excited
When expected things turned unexpected…



Dance Lover!!

My brother is a dance lover and dances all day,
But when he dances it’s the strangest thing to be seen….
He looks like a dog and cat having a fight,
He looks like an octopus doing gymnastics
Or like a house falling down you can say…



There He Was…

And there he was..
Starting at me as a baby starting at his toy.
He is a image of perfection,
His eyes were as deep as the ocean, full of mystery, like a treasure waiting to be opened….
He was waiting for my response to the question 
My heart was beating so fast like I had just ran in a marathon.
I was soo excited that he ha asked m,
Not just any girl but it was me,
I just had to get the words out,
It was hard indeed.
But I still managed to reply calmly
The words flowing off like a waterfall following for a mountain… 


Living WIthout YOU!!

I keep finding you everywhere,
Place where you are supposed to be.
But I never found you,
And its long time that I haven’t seen you

I can’t just understand,
What thing changed your mind?
All I thought that I knew you,
But I was blind.

Just know a thing I do not hate you,
And I’ll never.
Because I cared about that time,
And still I do care about you.

Even if you hurt me,
I won’t let you go off. 
But I will go without you,
And will make sure you know about it.

I know it will take time,
To heal the broken heart,
That’s where the strength comes from. 

For now, tears are falling off,
My thoughts may keep you spinning.
But don’t worry everything will get better soon… 


I’m a dog lover

I am a dog lover.
I wonder why dog’s have a tail??
I see dog’s innocent eyes.
I hear their cry.
I want them not to cry.
I am a dog lover.

I pretend that I have an imagery dog who welcomes me when I come back home.
I feel nice when I see dogs.
I touch dog’s fur.
I worry about them when they are far away for me.
I cry when any dog is injured or died.
I am a dog lover.

I understand that the dogs are so cute.
I say that dogs are very loyal.
Every time see cute dogs in my dream.
I try to help them when they cry.
I hope I get a dog soon.
I am a dog lover.


Love You!!!

The one I love with all ma might,
Who seems like the most good looking person in my sight.
Light of my life,
For you, I’d even fright.

Even it meant facing strife,
Or even sharp knives,
Or suffering from hives.
I’do anything for us to have each other in our life..

It makes me happy,
Positively sappy even,
I’m wishing and hoping
That you are with me forever more…..



Love is something which is as precious as air for breathing. 
The first time I fell in love,
It seemed like a blissful, wonderful dream.
It started off as a causal fling,
We joked, we laughed, and we took long walks in the moonlight.
As time went by, feelings intensified,
I began to love you, more than myself 
You told me you loved me a lot,
We started spending our day together.
Our love felt to me like a blossoming rose in spring.
Days turned to weeks,
Weeks turned to months,
A small misunderstanding caused a serious fight.
We fought, throwing stinging 
Words at each other like sharp knives,
We separated,
I was heartbroken,
I cried and cried,
Felt like that blissful, wonderful dream is just cut off,
Wished that dream could start off again….
Days, weeks, months passed,
One day, one beautiful evening u can say,
You came and told me that you love me still,
I was shocked; I paused for a minute,
And replied I LOVE YOU TOO…
The dream started off again 
It felt like I was in the heaven…
God bless us both…
 — Sshruti